SMS Text Order Notifications

Croft Trailer Supply is constantly working towards making the online buying experience easier for our customers. Below are details of our automated SMS Notification System for order status updates.

Order Status Order Status Details
Pending Your order was placed but requires additional time to verify product availability within our warehouse or a vendor's warehouse (in cases where a product is drop-shipped).
Awaiting Payment Your order was successfully placed.
Awaiting Fulfillment Your order is being prepared for shipment. This can include your items being packed into boxes, waiting for a shipping label, or waiting for one of our trucks to deliver an order to one of our retail locations (in the case that you selected Ship-to-Store).
Awaiting Shipment Your order is ready to be shipped to you and is waiting for one of our shipping partners to pick up your order (i.e. USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.).
Awaiting Pickup Your order is ready for you to pick up from one of our locations. For more information please see our Ship-to-Store page.
Shipped Your order has shipped and is on its way to you.
Partially Shipped Part of your order has shipped. For more information on the status of your order please get in touch with our customer care team.
Completed Your order is complete.
Cancelled Your order has been cancelled either by your request or by one of our staff members if we are not able to fulfill your order.
Declined Your payment has been declined and we’ll need a different form of payment to be able to complete your order.
Refunded Your order has been refunded.
Partially Refunded Part of your order has been refunded.
Disputed There is a problem with your order and it is incomplete. Please contact our customer service team to resolve the dispute.
Manual Verification Required Your order may have issues and requires our staff to investigate your order. This can happen in rare instances and is primarily used to prevent fraudulent activity.