Heartland Waterfowl

Heartland Waterfowl

Croft Trailer Supply is a proud partner of Heartland Waterfowl, now available on the Sportsman Channel. Heartland Waterfowl (HW) showcases native Kansas City hunters as they document their passion for scouting and hunting waterfowl. The HW team trusts the trailers from Croft Trailer Supply to carry their gear safely and securely as they follow waterfowl migrations across North America. Check out our trailers in action in Seasons 4 and 5, available for purchase on the HW store. Learn more about Heartland Waterfowl and their upcoming seasons on heartlandwaterfowl.com.

Heartland Waterfowl Edition Trailer

The Heartland Waterfowl Edition Trailer

When Heartland Waterfowl wanted to outfit their trailer specifically for waterfowl hunting, Croft developed the Heartland Waterfowl Edition Trailer. This trailer is packed full of special edition features designed to help you on the hunt, including the all-new Rapid Decoy Deployment system (RDD3). The RDD3 is a highly customizable lock and rod system for storing decoys that is only available from Croft.

  • Liberty 12 Gun Safe Liberty 12 Gun Safe
  • Recessed Spare Tire Box Recessed Spare Tire Box
  • 2-Way Air Vents 2-Way Air Vents
  • Spray On Protective Floor Liner Spray On Protective Floor Liner
  • V-Nose Shelving V-Nose Shelving



  • Liberty 12 Gun Safe
  • Recessed Spare Tire Box
  • 2-Way Air Vents
  • Spray On Protective Floor Liner
  • V-Nose Shelving
  • Rapid Decoy Deployment Gate System (Only Available on Heartland Waterfowl Edition Trailers)
  • 30" Deep Center Shelving
  • Recessed Wall and Floor E-Track
  • 5000# Recessed Floor D-Rings
  • Recessed Duel Battery Box
  • Carpeted Walls
  • Overhead Cabinets
  • Overhead Lighting
  • Directional LED Lighting by Buyers
  • White Reflective Vinyl Ceiling


  • Charcoal Metallic Exterior
  • Rock Guard Painted On Tongue & Rear Member
  • Bogey Wheels
  • LED Strip Tail Lights
  • LED Strip Back-Up Lights
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Directional LED Lighting by Buyers
  • Rear Barn Doors
  • Extra Wide Side Door

Rapid Decoy Deployment (RDD3)

Heartland Waterfowl team using the RDD3

Photo provided by Heartland Waterfowl

The Rapid Decoy Deployment system (RDD3) is a highly customizable lock and rod system built exclusively for the Heartland Waterfowl Edition trailer. To learn more about how you can customize your own trailer at Croft Trailer Supply, give us a call at (800) 426-8159.

Learn more about the RDD3 here or download the product brochure below.

Download the Brochure

2018 Season Premiere

Heartland Waterfowl's Season 5 is here, take a behind the scenes look at the 2018 premiere and a walkthrough of the Heartland Waterfowl trailer.

The Team

  • Ronnie Philips Ronnie Philips
  • Logan Burditt Logan Burditt
  • Mat Wescoat Mat Wescoat
  • Joe Palumbo Joe Palumbo
  • Justin Michaels Justin Michaels
  • Evan Schrock Evan Schrock
  • Caleb Boan Caleb Boan
  • Cheyenne Cheyenne
  • Beau Beau

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