Start Camping Your Way

Start Camping Your Way

Last updated by Croft Trailer Supply on 6th Apr 2022


Off-roading and camping tend to go hand in hand, as some of the best camping spots are off the beaten path. Unfortunately, not all campers are made equal, and many aren’t capable of handling rough terrain. That’s where the new Campinawe Sports Trailer comes in.

The Campinawe is bound to become your new favorite camper, as it offers unsurpassed comfort for 2+ adults, while still being compact enough to fit inside a standard garage. It is light enough to be towed by most SUVs and crossovers, making it perfect for taking out with your Jeep on a weekend camping trip. A portable toilet, water system with interchangeable shower/spray handles, a YETI cooler, and mini butane cooktop are just some of the creature comforts the Campinawe offers for a better camping experience.

One of the original names in trailers, Croft Trailer Supply, developed the durable, custom-built chassis for the Campinawe. Built fully bonded with 11 gauge steel, this trailer can be taken off-road without worrying about the body twisting and causing structural damage. An independent suspension torsion axle, all-terrain tires, and 18.5” frame clearance make maneuvering a breeze, and scissor-lift stabilizing jacks make sure your camper is level no matter where you decide to make camp.

Speaking of where you want to camp, the Campinawe is also designed for whenever you want to camp. State-of-the-art materials like Kynar® skins on the inside and outside of the trailer give an extra layer of protection from extreme temperatures.

Underneath that mattress is a whopping 25.5 cu. ft. of under bed storage, and the dual strut assist lift makes it easy to access. Speaking of storage, this isn't the only place to keep your gear, a coat closet and storage cabinet with a bungee restraint system keeps all your gear in place while traveling.

There are also four 2.5 gallon fresh water stackable bottles in the cabinet for any cooking or cleaning needs. Next to the cabinet is a YETI Tundra 45 cooler for any items that need to be kept cold, stored under the bench with a cushioned flip-up seat. If you are ready to get camping then it’s time to get a Campinawe. See a full list of camper features, available options, and current inventory.