On The Move

On The Move

Last updated by Croft Trailer Supply on 6th Aug 2018

Whether you're seeing your child off to college or moving into your dream home, the process of transporting your creature comforts can be daunting. At Croft Trailer Supply we understand that your belongings are important and supply the very best in trailers and cargo securement when you are on the move.

When it comes to using an enclosed or utility trailer, you have several choices in trailer style and options.

Enclosed Trailers

  • Added protection for your property from theft or damage
  • Items will remain inside the trailer even when you forget to tie them down (but definitely always tie them down)
  • Privacy for what you are hauling
  • Protection from the elements
  • Can be used for storage once the move is done

Securement Options

Utility Trailers

  • Well suited for large or unusually shaped items
  • Can be easier to haul for first time trailer owners due to their typically lighter weight, lower profile, and lower center of gravity
  • Very versatile for a large number of common jobs, including the belongings you're moving, as well as lawn care equipment, new furniture you purchase at the store, and supplies for home improvement

Securement Options

There are benefits to both enclosed and utility trailers but in the end it comes down to which works best for you. Stop by your local Croft Trailer Supply today to talk to one of our towing pros to find a trailer that fits all your towing needs.

Towing Tips

  • 60/40 Split: Unless otherwise indicated, be sure to place 60% of your trailer load on the front half of the trailer and 40% on the rear
  • Distribute the Load: Distribute your load evenly across the width of your trailer to keep it balanced and reduce the danger of rollover and sway
  • Tongue Weight: Tongue weight should be between 10-15% of your total trailer weight
  • Haul at the Correct Height: The average trailer rides level at 18” from the ground to the top of the ball
  • Inspection: Visually inspect your trailer before every trip to ensure safety
  • Check Tie-Downs: Tie-Downs loosen as you travel, remember to check strap tension when refueling and at other stopping points
  • Check out this helpful video from the towing pros at Croft on how to hook up a trailer!

This article was originally posted on August 6, 2018