RVs and Campers

RVs and Campers

Last updated by Croft Trailer Supply on 7th Jun 2018

When you are planning to go camping, it is good to make sure your campers and RVs are safe for towing. At Croft, our trailer technicians can help with certain types of maintenance and repairs on campers. Before you drive your camper to one of our service centers though, it is always recommended to call and speak with a technician on what they can and can’t do on your particular camper. To help clarify things, listed below are a few of the services we can provide.

Axles and Undercarriage

This includes services like packing your hubs and bearings, inspections and installations of axles, and the repair or replacement of suspension systems like leaf-springs, equalizers, and U-bolts. We offer custom built axles to ensure a perfect fit for your camper or RV. If your camper height doesn’t match your truck height, we can flip your axle or install a lift kit to help.

Brakes, Exterior Lights, and Wiring

Making sure your brakes and lights are working properly is a necessity before setting off on a long road trip. Our trailer technicians can inspect and repair your camper’s wiring system, exterior lighting, and replace brakes to make sure your journey is safe.

Hitch Installations

If you are towing a large camper, it usually means you will need a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch. Both are available for OEM Puck Systems. If your vehicle is a short bed truck, you will need a 5th wheel slider. We also have adapters available  to convert from a 5th wheel to gooseneck and vice versa.

Brake Controller Installations

We can install brake controllers inside your towing vehicle. Brake controllers come in three different varieties: Timed, Proportional, and Combination. Please check out one of our previous blog articles to learn more about the different types that are available.

Pull Behind Vehicles

If you plan to pull a vehicle behind your RV, you have the option (depending on the vehicle to be towed) of base plates, tow dollies, or car hauler trailers. (Link product: AT7000c, Croft tow dolly, etc.) Talk with a trailer technician to choose the right option for your needs.

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This article was originally posted on June 7, 2018.