Vehicle Wiring

Trailer Wiring Parts

At Croft Trailer Supply, we have an unrivaled selection of trailer wiring harnesses. For hooking up everything from brake control systems to tow bars to towing lights, we’re your one-stop eCommerce store for all the trailer wiring parts you could ever need. We carry a complete line of electrical gear for trailers, including wiring extensions, replacement wiring, connectors, plugs, adapters, harnesses and everything in between.

Maintaining Your Trailer Wiring

When buying trailer wiring parts, you want to find items that are easy to install and will snap right into place. With the variety we have in stock, you’re sure to find the right part for your trailer. We’ve been selling trailer electrical wiring for decades, satisfying countless customers in the process – nobody knows the trailer outfitting business better than we do. The key to this success has always been a caring, professional attitude and a commitment to offer even the smallest part with uncompromising quality. Trailer wiring is all about safety. We want to make sure all your lights and brake systems are hooked up properly so that you’re safe and sound out there on the road. It’s important to used reliable, durable parts to ensure the connections last for years without failure. We want you to be completely satisfied with your trailer. Electrical wiring can be tricky, though, so if you have any reservations about hooking up or replacing your trailer wiring, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or bring your trailer into one of our service centers.